Friday, December 21, 2012

Pixies are Christmas-y Right?

I saw Frank Black/Black Francis at Malkin Bowl years ago, opening for the Swell Season. It was a dream come true for Glen Hansard who told the story of his very first vinyl purchase, a Pixies 45, which began his love affair with the band, a formative force throughout his own music career. It was touching to witness his awe at sharing a stage with his hero and the collaborative pieces were a lot of fun. Being out in the gorgeousness of Stanley Park, the whole concert was rather surreal in its own immersed-in-music way.

When The Pixies added Vancouver to their tour, I bought a couple of tickets; ended up making friends with a woman who just happened to be in Vancouver, was a huge fan & needed a ticket; and added a new layer of alt rock to my musical experiences.

The Pixies concert was AWESOME. Yup.

Happy holidays!