Monday, November 19, 2012

Stuff That Shirts Are Made Of

Bamboo, in this case. Which is a great t-shirt fabric, btw. 

This was my first Cirque du Soleil shirt, bought in Vancouver at Quidam, I believe.

Attending a live Cirque performance is one of those experiences that can't really be explained to those who haven't been. It's visually spectacular, totally immersive for the senses and taps into the imagination with music, movement and feats of physical prowess. Although there are CDs and DVDs available with which the music and actions can be surveyed, the live performance adds another element that is not captured in any sort of contemporary media.

I've seen Cirque shows in Vancouver, London, Las Vegas, and (most recently) in Montreal this summer, where Lesley and I experimented with whether her toddler could be entranced enough to sit through an entire show. She definitely made friends with some of the performers before the show but seemed determined to join the show. There was a lot of chase and retrieval involved in that particular performance.

Cirque will be back in Vancouver with Amaluna (same show as we saw in Montreal) at the end of this month and, on a whim, I convinced Jeff's mom that she and Jeff's dad should come take a look "at the circus" with us.  Not sure she understands that Cirque shows and circuses are two entirely different things but I'm hoping they all enjoy it.